My favorites restaurants around the world

T8 Restaurant & Bar, Shanghai

Wed April 9, 2014

My comment is simple. Really great restaurant. T8 was selected into the best 50 restaurants of the world.
Is in a small corner of Xitandi, a trendy spot in shangai where you can find traditional and modern China.
Is gourmet food with high quality service.

Plus: In Chine access to a restaurant this level is cheaper than in Europe or US.

El Cuartito, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Wed April 9, 2014

There no place like home. In pizza this sentece refer to “El Cuartito” (Small Room)

In Buenos Aires pizza is a serious thing and is kind of different from the italian or the US version. Is higher, faty, heavier and much more intense. In traditional pizza my favorite place is El cuartito with more than 70 tears serving this delicious slices.

The place have a lot of tradition. You can see the poster from old sport idols in the walls and the guys that make the pizza are a complete show. You can have an entire meal here for only some dollars.

Fish., Sausalito

Wed April 9, 2014

Yes, is all about fish.
Is some blocks from where the ferrys from SF arrives, but it deserve the distance.

Usually you have a long line in front of the restaurant, be patient the different dishes of fish in any traditional kind are mucho more than good enough to wait.

Is traditional fish food but made in perfect shape. Taste the local beers.

Try fish and chip and clam chowder.

Is not cheap, but you will be happy to pay.

Le Hide, Paris

Wed April 9, 2014

This one I get it thanks to the Paris Lonely Planet guide. I love this guides because I always discover great places and enjoy great moment from their advices.

Le hide is a small Bistro near the Triuph Arc in Paris.

Is modern fench food but in very personal way from his chef who is half french and half japanese.

I love the foi gras.

Is not cheap is Paris. But is a experience that you have to try.

Abou El Sid, Zamalek, Cairo

Wed April 9, 2014

Even if you have the correct address the place if difficult to find it.
Is a big metal door with a very small letter written in arabig and in Latin caracters.

Is in the middle of Zamalek, the neightborhood more occidental friendly where you can find some desing shops and a lot of embassys.

When you finally enter (you will need a reservation) is like transport yourself to a middle orient like you imagine in the 1900. Is a magic place in oriental and colonial style very elegant and with a lot of soul.

The food is a great opportunity to taste middle Eastern food but in high class technique. Try any dish, everyone are great!

Is not cheap for Egypt, but comparing with same level restaurant at home is a very good deal.

Taberna del Alabardero, Madrid

Wed April 9, 2014

Spanish food is my favorite. I like everything.

The place is very well located near the palacio real and the Opera Place. Is nice spot from you can walk any direction trought very nice places.

The restaurant have two differents room. In front you can get Tapas in the bar. The level is great and you can taste this small dishes in very good level.

In the back you can find the “Salon” where you find the complete restarant service with more elaborated and bigger portion. Every option is great, maybe your best choice could be have the tasting menu where you can try 7 courses and enjoy the variety of best spots on the menu.

1884 Francis Mallmann, Godoy Cruz

Wed April 9, 2014

Mendoza is a great gourmet spot!.
As the main wine region in South America is plenty of many option of regional food and excelents wines.
This restaurant is in the Escorihuela wine cellar in Godoy Cruz outside Mendoza Downltown.
The executive chef is Francis Mallman, from my point of view one of the most original chef in Argentina.
Try the 7 hours lamb or a malbec sauce steak and don’t forget to order any malbec.
The price is cheapear that a similar restaurant in Buenos Aires but is expensive compared with similar one in Mendoza.