Bali a place were you can relax!

Nyaman Villas, Seminyak

Fri November 14, 2014

I went to Bali for 3 days without expectations and I was really impressed!

The Indonesian people are lovely and caring, I stayed in Seminyak and was great, Nyaman Villas was one of the best hotels I stayed and with all the luxury you could imagine.

It was so peaceful, you can hide from the Kaos from outsid,  their  streets are full of bikes and people, trying to pass each other but once you enter to a restaurant, bar or your hotel is like you are in another place and so peaceful that it is surreal!


The beach it’s great and good for surfing, very cheap. I think it is more for couples or a group of friends, families will enjoy it but with kids will be hard to enjoy the bars!


The food and the service it’s fantastic and very different to the western world, you are treat nicely and with respect.


Fri November 14, 2014


Sat November 15, 2014

Potato Head Beach Club, Badung

Sat November 15, 2014

Best bar in Bali, a must go place!